Esther Williams 30' x 15' Oval Aluminium pool Case Study

EW Buttress detail    EW Buttress system   EW Curved stabiliser rail top plate    EW Corner top plate

EW Straight section top plate    EW Captive Nut in Top plate

EW Wall and Uprights without liner EW_Deck_construction.JPG

 EW Deck completed    EW Above ground disguised as In Ground Pool EW with decking steps to top deck and ladder    EW Timber Cladding around curved end

 EW Top Cap detail    EW Oval One piece rail perfect for decking    EW Stainless Steel Off deck Ladder EW 'No Diving' Safety feature

 EW Ready to Swim!


Esther Williams Oval Case Study









This is a perfect example of a successful Above ground pool with Timber decking.

The simple construction, the durability and the good looks of the Esther Williams Aluminium Pool kit makes it ideal for this and many other gardens. All the components of the pool kit are constructed above ground so the pool can be built straight onto a level concrete base without the need to leave channels for Buttresses and straps. This pool project was built onto paving slab foundations and then levelled between with 6mm- Dust stone chippings which is generally the preferred method in terms of cost and DIY installation. The excavation has been cut to allow the top of the pool to be proud of the undisturbed ground at the house end by about 6-10in to allow for joists to support the surrounding deck.

With the Pool constructed and filling with water the decking can be completed. In this situation a split level deck was required with the Top level deck surrounding 75% of the pool with steps on either side leading down to a lower level. The exposed Aluminium wall was clad using the decking timber to great effect.

An Off Deck Ladder by Esther Williams was added to complete the pool. A beautiful swimming pool project for a fraction of the cost of an In ground pool. Fancy a dip!

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