Posted on Monday 30 March 2009 by Mr & Mrs Staplehurst

For 5 years, we have had an Intex plastic pool. 15ft circular x 3ft deep. One thing we learnt from that basic pool was that even in our British summers,  if you enjoy swimming- then a pool is worth having. Time was coming up for a replacement- and so it was down to Dolphin Leisure to see what was going to be the new one.

 We wanted something bigger - and deeper and one that could stay up each year. Tony talked us through the various types of pool- the benefits of each and the few Points to note. We settled on the Esther Williams Classic pool.  A bit bigger at 18ft and  52” deep. This would be a permanent structure and I would be assembling it myself. I do have some mechanical knowledge- but very few building skills to note and absolutely no Carpentry expertise for the Decking that would be required. But Tony managed to persuade me that IF I followed the instructions well enough - I would have no problems.

 I do not have an over large garden but the old pool was set in a space that was 24ft wide and 40ft deep. Enough room to be able to set the pool in and have sufficient decking in front to give us a Resting area. This was in fact the only place the pool would fit in the garden and one point to note- was that it is at the bottom of the garden and would require its own Main electricity supply run to it. As we were also going to set a heater into this pool- I left the electrics to a qualified electrician to sort.

 I have to say that throughout the assembly of the pool-Dolphin Leisure have been very helpful. The instructions were very concise for the building- but if I had any queries at all- The Dolphin Team were able to talk me through my doubts and explain everything fully. A Pool of this type is a big investment and it has to be right. Not only are we happy with the pool we bought- We bought it from the right company. Without the help we got from Tony and the Dolphin Team - I doubt that I would have tackled a building job such as this. As it was- we now have a pool that not only looks good- It is good and was easier to build than I thought-even with my limited skills. Now about that extra decking to finish off the BBQ area-------

Only a couple of pointers-

The Dolphin Team were spot on  - Get the base right- time spent on this will pay you back over the years.

And take time to get the wrinkles out of the liner. As we found out on the last pool- they are annoying.


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