Certikin Prozone Ultra Violet Ozone Units PZVII, PZI, PZII Venturi

Prozone purifies pool and spa water, and makes it sparkling clean and clear, reducing the need for chemicals up to 90%, while neutralizing harsh, irritating byproducts of all pool chemicals.

Full Description

Prozone Unit

  • Must be used in conjunction with a residual sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) and not with PHMB
  • PZ7-1 & PZ7-2 - For residential pools and spas, and light use commercial spas where the pressure differential across the filter is good. Comes complete with Venturi bypass plumbing installation kit
  • Adjustable saddle clamps fit 1.5-2" pipework
  • In some installations, a solenoid valve may be required to prevent pump losing prime, or to prevent possible water damage to ozonator when circulation pump is switched off

Degassing unit

  • Designed to remove 99% of excess air and ozone. Optional, but especially recommended for indoor pools

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