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On most multiport valves, there are a number of screws. When the screws are loosened, the top of the valve lifts off. Inside you will find the inner workings, and under the 'stem selector' you will find the spider gasket. If you have noticed that the multiport valve is malfunctioning, it could be that the spider gasket has perished due to age or the chemicals used in the pool.

Replacing the Spider gasket

  1. Close any ball valves.
  2. Undo the screws on the multiport valve.
  3. Lift the top of the multiport, and stem selector.
  4. The gasket will be within a recess. Prise it out of the recess and replace.
  5. Put stem, and the multiport back into place and tighten the top screws.
  6. Open the ball valves.
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