Plenty of family fun to be had with diving, floating, inflatable games and toys. 

Safety is important and children should be supervised by an adult at all times. Floating buoyancy aids can also be used as toys to help to give confidence to the non swimmer.


H2OX-Bow Swimming Pool Target Game

An H20 bow launches missiles up to 30 feet at floating shark targets!

Age 6+

From £14.00 for H2OX-Bow

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Swimming Pool Toy - Max Eliminator

Liquidator - Water Shooter

The ultimate water shooter disguised as a foam swimming aid! Take aim....FIRE! Definitely one for those of a mischievous nature!


From £10.95 for Liquidator - each (colours vary)

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Floating Hoop

Floating Hoop Basketball Game

Practise your basketball skills in the pool, challenge your chums to a contest and better your besties!

From £11.00 for Floating Inflatable Hoop Basketball Game

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Splash rocket

Splash Rocket Garden Game

Fill, load and woosh launch it up to 100ft in the air. A smash and splash action game. 

From £7.00 for Splash Rocket Garden Game

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Pool Volleyball Game

Pool Volleyball Game

Team captains, pick your team members carefully, and get ready for hours of fun in the sun with this pool volleyball game. 

From £21.00 for Pool Volleyball Game

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Dive Stick

Play Sticks

These weighted sticks come in a variety of colours and encourage underwater confidence.  

From £7.00 for Dive Sticks

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Splash Darts

Splash Darts and Target Ring

A game for all the family to play.  Challenge your friends....take aim...and...BULLSEYE!

From £12.00 for Splash Darts

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Sub Skate in Action

SubSkate - Blue

Ride the world's finest and exciting aquatic skateboard

From £27.00 for SubSkate - Blue

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Inflatable goal

Inflatable Goal

And Curtis Jones is storming up the field straight through the Everton defence...he shoots...he scores...Goaaallllllll! 

Maybe it's not quite the premiership but this inflatable goal will provide hours of active fun either as a goal in the garden for footie, or in the pool for polo! 


From £26.00 for Inflatable Goal

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Zoggs dive sticks

Zoggy Sticks

Each pack contains four colourful sticks. Suitable for  3+ years.

From £14.95 for Zoggy Dive Sticks

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Giant Sports Disc

The Giant Sports Disc

Like a frisbee but with a sponge filled rim. Fabulous fun in the summer sun! 


From £0.95 for The Giant Sport Disc

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Dive Balls

Dive Balls - Set of 3

Toss the balls into the water and watch the tails swirl as they sink. Duck under and chase them down!

From £8.00 for Dive Balls (set of 3)

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Underwater Fish Rings 1

Underwater Fish Rings (pack of 4)

These weighted fish sink slowly and then stand vertically on the pool floor. Go Fish!

From £8.00 for Underwater Fish Rings

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Giant Bellows Foot Pump

Pumps & Patches

Everything you need for inflating your inflatable swimming pool accessories. 

From £3.00 for Repair Patches

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