My Baby Float

Wet Set Baby Swim Seat

 Great infant float! Weight Capacity 15Kg (33 lbs) Age Guide: 1 - 2 yrs

Great arms and legs exercise your baby will learn to swim in no time.

Full Description

Wet Set (Intex) Baby Swim Float Features

  • Weight Capacity 15Kg (33 lbs)
  • Four air Chambers with double valves
  • Diaper styleseat with smooth leg holes
  • Large outer ring for stability

Babies acquire different kinds of movements and physical abilities during their first year of life in order to promote the development of higher functions of the brain.
Use in your pool or in the bathtub, the water level should always be high enough so your baby's feet can only just touch the bottom of your pool or bathtub.
Suitable for babies 1 - 2 years old. Use under adult's supervision.
Great arms and legs exercise. Your baby will learn to swim in no time
Provides a sense of security and comfort for you baby in the water.

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