Spa and Hot Tub Flush

Spa and Hot Tub Flush clears that build up of organic film that attaches itself to the pipework surfaces. An easy to use solution.

Spa cleaning Biodegradable  product. Use every 6 weeks to remove deposits of scum and grime from your Hot Tub or Whirlpool pipes to keep them healthy  and bacteria free.

Full Description

  Spa System Flush completely cleans the inside of your spa's plumbing system. Removes accumulated deposits, film, scum & grime! A unique and powerful, yet environmentally-safe formula. Add just before you drain the spa, run pumps and jets for 15 minutes, leave to stand for 15 minutes, a further 10 minutes and the job is done! You'll be astonished at the grime it removes from even well-maintained spas & hot tubs. Economical to use, enough to treat 400 gallons or 2000 litresof spa water.
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