7 burner premium grill   LP

Bull Outdoor 7 Burner Premium Grill - LP

The Premium-LP from Bull Outdoor is a 7-Burner Stainless Steel built-in gas barbecue grill with an infrared back burner. It is also our largest grillhead and the most versatile mobile Barbecue Bull Outdoor produce.

Full Description

The Bull 7 Burner Premium Cart Gas BBQ (Propane) is the largest and most versatile of all the cart mounted barbecues in the Bull range.

It has an impressive cooking area, which is Propane/Bottled Gas powered,complete with an infrared back burner along with additional storage space in the cart which is spacious enough to accommodate a 13kg Patio Gas Bottle along with all the other grilling essentails.

The Bull 7 Burner Premium Cart Gas BBQ (Propane) requires very little assembly on delivery as the cart is delivered fully assembled with Grillhead simply needing to be attached by only 4 nuts and bolts.

Bull Outdoor Products Inc. have reached widespread prominence in the North American grilling industry with over 900 dealers and distributors throughout the United States, and Canada since they started out over 20 years ago.

One of the many reasons that they have become a major player in the North American barbecue market is the build quality and attention to detail which their extensive customer feedback and research has led them to apply right across their whole range of Built In or Cart based barbecue grills to bring to the consumer products that are 'second to none!' manufacturing their grills to the highest degree of integrity and concern for the customer in their own Athens, Tennessee production facility.

Bull Outdoor Products Inc. comprehensive range of solid, well built Propane and Natural Gas powered Built-In and Cart Based and Charcoal fuelled barbecues are now available to purchase in Europe with full CE Approval offering the same performance, build quality and attention detail that has made them such a major brand in North America with no compromises something which BullBBQ are prepared to back up with their Lifetime Warranty on all their barbecue grills.


- 304, 16 Gauge stainless steel

- 31kWh Burning Power / 105,000 BTU's

- 5161 Sq cm of Cooking Surface Space

- 4 Cast Stainless Steel Burners Heavy Duty Casters

- Integrated Smoker Box

- Double Side Burner

- Large Side Shelves Condiment and Towel Rack

- Heavy Duty Thermometer

- Rotisserie Dual Lined Roll Top Hood

- Full Length Handle Warming Rack

- 2 Storage Drawers

- Twin lighting system

- Metal Knobs

- Heavy Duty Casters

- CE Certified

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