Waterco bobbin

Waterco Micron Bobbin Wound Side Mount Filters and Waterco Pumps (with and without media)

Waterco Filter and Pump Combinations with multiport valves. 

Full Description

Filter Features: 

  • Fishtail lateral pattern
  • Hydraulically balanced
  • Uses an average of 30% less water for backwashing
  • Maximises water flow and distribution
  • 10 year tank warranty on residential installations
  • Large, easy access clear lid
  • Supplied with metric and imperial multiport unions
  • Large sand dump port
  • Pressure rated at 2.5 bar.


Pump Features: 

  • Clear pump lid for easy strainer basket inspection.
  • 1.5"/50mm half unions for easy plumbing.
  • Hydraulically efficient impeller and diffuser.
  • Stable support base.
  • Secondary seal for pump motor protection.
  • Drain plugs.
  • Mechanical seal high grade carbon/graphite with stainless steel assembly.
  • Single piece fibreglass filled thermoplastic body.
  • Strainer basket.
  • Unions supplied 1.5" suction and discharge.

Supastream Pump Features: 


  • 11/2"/50mm half unions for easy plumbing
  • Clear pump lid
  • 316 mechanical seal - high grade carbon/graphite with 316 stainless steel
  • Secondary seal for extra protection of the pump motor
  • Stable support base
  • Hydraulically efficient impeller and diffuser
  • Drain plugs
  • UV stabilised and corrosion resistant
  • Single piece glass filled thermoplastic pump body
  • 1.5 Litre large strainer basket to optimise hyraulic flow and maximise the debris holding capacity
  • Unions supplied 
  • Self priming

Hydrotuf Pump Features: 



  • Innovative clear pump lid and lock ring for easy access
  • Clear pump lid - enables easy identification of cleaning requirements
  • 50mm quick connect barrel unions for UPVC pipe
  • High grade carbon/graphite mechanical seal with 316 stainless steel spring assembly
  • High performance motor IP55 rating, thermal overload protection, fan cooled motor shaft 431 grade stainless steel
  • Stable support base
  • Impeller/diffuser - glass filled Noryl
  • UV stablised and corrosion resistant
  • Extra large 2.25L strainer basket to capture debris and protect the pump impeller
  • Strong single piece glass filled thermoplastic pump body



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