Spectrum Hybrid 110 Pump

Spectrum Hybrid Water Treatment Unit

The next level for UV water disinfection of swimming pools and residential spas. It provides a cost-effective treatment and superior water quality. 

With Spectrum Hybrid Technology, water is exposed to UV light at 254nm thus neutralizing bacteria, microorganisms and pathogens and preventing them from reproducing. The built-in titanium reflector enhances the performance of the UV Spectrum Hybrid by up to 45%, compared to traditional UV appliances.

Titanium Dioxide is naturally present on surface of the reflector. When combined with water and UV light hydroxyl radicals are freed into the water, a powerful natural disinfectant that helps to boost the power of Spectrum Hybrid.


Full Description


  • Reduces the consumption of chemicals
  • Destroys bacteria 
  • Clean, odourless and tasteless water
  • Reduces irritation to the eyes, and is kinder to skin and hair.
  • Fully autonomous automatic system
  • No impact on PH values
  • Compatible with salt electrolysis and seawater 
  • Suitable for pools up to 50/100m3 (50,000 / 100,000 litres) 
  • A built in intelligent metering pump (on pump models) periodically injects independently active oxygen. This natural disinfectant ensures that the water retains its disinfectant properties after exposure to UV
  • On intelligent pump metering systems, it automatically adjusts dosage to suit pool volume and season. In addition it has an automatic countdown feature giving precise knowledge as to when lamps require changing.
  • Voltage: 220v - 240v 50/60hz
  • Max operating pressure: 3 bar
  • Power of lamps: 1x/2x 55watts
  • Pressure lamp type: low - high performance
  • Lamp Life: 9,000 hours
  • Maximum throughput: 14,000 I/h, 28,000 I/h
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Volume pool max: 50m3 single tube models
  • Volume pool max: 100m3 twin tube models
  • Flow switch/indicator end of life
  • Connections: 2" BSP/63mm with reducing 1.5"/50mm
  • Certification: CE Certification

Integrated smart metering model additional features: 

  • Pump flow rate, when active: 1.6 I / hour
  • End of life countdown timer
  • Max: 1 bar
  • Delivery Tube: Santoprene 

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