A Wooden Swimming Pool creates a warm natural look in your garden. The Doughboy Luxury Bali Timber Pool introduced in 2015 is made of impregnated pine wood. Available as an Octagonal Swimming Pool or a Stretched Octagonal Pool or a Rectangle design. Timber walls 42mm thick give greater thermal insulation.

The Bali Pool wall height is 1.36M / 4ft 4in

Except the 3.55M Octagonal Pool which has a 1.16M Deep Wall

This Timber Swimming pool is very easy to build

Timber Pool 400 Micron Shaped Solar Covers Available.

Timber Pool Deluxe Meshed Winter Covers Available.

Enjoy the luxury of a Timber pool in your own garden this summer. The Timber pool wooden swimming pools are made of impregnated pine wood class 4 so not only are these pools simple to construct they are also solid giving you years of pleasure from your Timber pool kit. The Walls of our timber pool kits are 42mm thick giving you not only a solid pool but also giving you great thermal insulation. Simple to build with full installation instructions provided.

The Bali is a beautiful, natural wood swimming pool that will give you many years of enjoyment. Its wooden structure adds a natural luxury to your garden as well as being strong and resilient. It is extremely well thermally insulated, having 4.5cm thick side walls, which comfortably withstand changes in temperature. The Bali pool package comes in various sizes to suit any garden and It is delivered complete with durable blue liner, a stainless steel internal ladder, a wooden external ladder and a pump and filtration assembly. Everything you need to be splashing about in a matter of days.

 To ensure your peace of mind, the Bali has a 10 year warranty on the wooden structure and a 5 year warranty on the liner.

Timber pools  elegant with a unique style, giving these Doughboy Timber pools a quality finish that stand out from other pools


A wooden swimming pool creates a warm and natural atmosphere in your garden.

  • The pool walls are 42 mm thick and therefore extremely well thermally insulated. The high-grade liner has a thickness of 70/100.
  • Two piece carefully designed top ledge.
  • Full kit including the following
  • Swimming pool Timber Wall
  • Plain Blue Quality liner
  • Skimmer and inlet
  • Quality Pump and filter and 3 Metres pipe work kit (more available if required telephone 01323766600)
  • Filter media
  • Stainless steel and wooden ladder

The Bali Timber Swimming Pool is very Easy to build.

Full installation instructions are supplied with the pool kit and we offer full technical support.



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