Catalina Carnival Classic

Catalina Carnival Classic Swim Spa

The Carnival Classic has a low energy requirement and runs off a single phase 23amp power supply so it's very economical. It's is a deeper version of the Mardi Gras with the addition of side jets in the seating area. Who fancies a spa party?



Full Description

Following the success of the Mardi Gras Classic, the Carnival Classic is a swim trainer and party spa without equal. It features 2 semi-reclined deep massage seats and bench seating with back jets, for an additional 8 people. The already effective massage can be enhanced with the turbo blower - a standard feature on this unique leisure product. 2 powerful pumps can be diverted to the river swim jet to offer a comfortable swim or aqua jog, and for the serious swimmer or workout, you can use the Catalina pro swim system that simply cannot be beaten. Available in silver marble or Cameo and finished in a hand crafted mahogany cabinet, all covered by the Catalina 10 year warranty. This swim trainer or party spa really does give you the best of both worlds!

 Swim, Workout and Party (seats 11 people)

Catalina Spas and Swimspas are manufactured in California to the highest of standards.

  • 3810 X 2280 X 1300mm
  • Seats 11
  • Dry weight 1100kg (approx)
  • 5800L water capacity
  • 3kW heater
  • 100 sq ft filter
  • Ozone with Corona Discharge
  • Overlap shell finish
  • Waterproof spa base
  • Balboa control system
  • Aromatherapy
  • 1 x 2.5hp 2-speed pump
  • 1 x 3hp booster pump
  • Heated air blower
  • 28 hydrotherapy jets
  • 2 swim jet
  • Underwater LED light
  • LED perimeter light
  • Tiled swim lane
  • Tiled waterline
  • PRO SWIM system
  • Thermo pane high density foam insulation with radiant guard
  • 2 x deluxe insulation/safety covers
  • Only requires 23amps 

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Catalina Carnival Classic Swim Spa
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