Upgraded and improved filtration system  for 2019 

Installing a luxurious in-ground swimming pool has never been so simple or so cost effective.

You don't need a budget of  £35,000 or more for a concrete pool when you can build a Kafko pool more quickly and for considerably less.

It isn't every day you decide to dig a hole in your garden and install a swimming pool, but it may be easier than you think!

Kafko is the perfect DIY in ground pool kit. High impact polymer resin panels enable you to install your pool in a matter of days!

Kafko polymer  pool panels have a  Lifetime guarantee!

Kafko DIY pool kits consist of a 48" depth polymer panel wall system with polymer bracing every 4'. All panels are pre-cut prior to delivery using a custom made jig to enable Skimmer(s), Light fitting(s) etc, to be installed accurately and with ease. All pools have 6" or 2ft radius corners for secure liner fixing and smooth coping lines.

As an option the  base of the pool can be dug an extra foot deeper to give you a 5 foot deep pool for no extra cost.

  • 4ft High Structural Polymer Wall Panels (5ft Wall panels available telephone for prices 01323766600)
  • Polymer Bracing and Steel hardware
  • Steel Alignment Pins
  • Aluminium Coping
  • Liner Snap Lock
  • Widemouth Skimmer
  • Certikin Return fitting
  • Upgraded to 30thou PVC Patterned 'Mosaic' Liner
  • 30m Plumbing kit
  • Kafko 3 Tread Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Exclusive upgraded quality  filter and pump Package
  • Glass Filter media for improved water clarity
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Water test Kit
  • Chemical Starter Pack
  • Installation Manual

You can customise your pool by adding either a 5ft rectangular entry step or a stunning 8ft or 10ft Roman End. Both styles provide comfortable easy access for children and adults who may find using a ladder difficult.

Unlike other panel pools Kafko install bracing every 4 feet. Bracing at 4 foot intervals significantly enhances the structural integrity of the pool by preventing distortion, panel bulging and incorrect alignment.

The Kafko inground swimming pool kit is ideal for an  installation by a confident DIY person or your local builder. Any part of the construction that you feel you may need help with,  we can assist you or your builder via our  help-line as we have  extensive 'hands-on' experience of this pool system.

An in-depth installation guide will be provided with your Kafko swimming pool kit. The manual is linked to the DVD provided.

It is possible to build your pool partly above ground by as much as 18". Using the excavated soil to build a patio around it and finishing with a retaining wall. This may be done to save on the cost of earth removal involved in the excavation, also it will give you swimming pool a landscaped finish.


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