Fun Comfy Noodle Swimming Pool Exercise Fun

Comfy Noodles, Woggles or Water Logs

As used by Leisure centres in exercise classes, these excellent quality Comfy Noodles, Woggles or Water logs float, and act as a good buoyancy aid.

Leisure Centres or Swimming Clubs - buy 50 assorted colours for the special price of £225.00 - you'll get the display box too!

From £4.40 for Pool Noodle / Water Log / Woggle

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Elastic strech cord kick trainer to aid fitness and injury

Stetch Cordz Kick Trainer

The StrechCordz Kick Trainer adds resistance to legs assisting ankle recovery. For breaststroke kick as well as strengthening abdominal muscles during dolphin kick. It is a unique training aid designed and developed to help add resistance to legs during kick sets.

From £29.95 for Kick Trainer - Silver Club light resistance

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