Family fun in your swimming pool with diving, floating, inflatable games and toys. For all ages swimming pool hoops, dive balls and rings.

Safety is important and children should be supervised by an adult at all times. Floating buoyancy aids used as toys help to give confidence to the non swimmer.

 Fun Comfy Noodle Swimming Pool Exercise Fun

Comfy Noodles, Woggles or Water Logs

As used by Leisure centres in exercise classes, these excellent quality Comfy Noodles, Woggles or Water logs float, and act as a good buoyancy aid.

Leisure Centres or Swimming Clubs - buy 50 assorted colours for the special price of £225.00 - you'll get the display box too!

From £4.40 for Pool Noodle / Water Log / Woggle

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H2OX-Bow Swimming Pool Target Game

Wow Launches up to 30 feet! A Quality Game using an H20 Bow to shoot at Floating Shark Targets with your Green Dragon Arrows ideal for use by Swimmers Ages 6+

From £14.95 for H2OX-Bow

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Sea Squad Dive Puzzle

Speedo SeaSquad Dive Puzzle

Bringing endless fun to mastering diving technique, these pieces sink slowly to encourage children to dive, retrieve and do the puzzle before it lands. diving and being underwater. Perfect for team games or individual practice, these bright interlocking pieces come in a handy poolside bag and will become essential kit for swimming instructors and parents alike.

From £17.95 for Speedo Dive Puzzle

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Swimming Pool Toy - Max Eliminator

Liquidator - Water Shooter

The ultimate water shooter disguised as a foam swimming aid! Take aim....FIRE! Definately one for the kids! (and the adults of course)

Also the Blaster Board that is made from a Liquidator is an exciting skate board design.

From £10.95 for Liquidator - each (colours vary)

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Target Challenge

Target Challenge Pool Game

Target challenge game to terst your pitching skills. A floating target with different scoring holes to aim for, have fun in the pool all summer long.

From £13.99 for Target Challenge Pool Game

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Floating Hoop Basket Ball Game

Inflatable Floating Hoop Ball game

The inflatable Floating Hoop basket ball game is a great activity no pool is complete without this game.

From £11.95 for Inflatable Floating Hoop Ball game

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Splash rocket

Splash Rocket Garden Game

Fill, Load and woosh launch it high. A smash and splash action game. Flies up to 100 feet great fun for all.

From £6.95 for Splash Rocket Garden Game

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Wave Rider Ride On

Wave Ride On Inflatable

A fun bright, bold and sleek jet ski design inflatable.

From £14.95 for Wave Rider Ride On

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Neoprene Glove and Ball Set

Neoprene Glove and Ball Set

Great fun the gripping surface of the glove helps to catch the ball. Enjoy playing this game in the comfort of your pool.

From £15.95 for Neoprene Glove and Ball Game

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Swimming Pool Dive Game - Dive Sticks

Flexible, colourful, Dive Sticks

An excellent fun, colourful, dive retrieval game. Ideal for diving and relay games, the designs may vary.


From £9.50 for Flexible Colourful Dive Sticks

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Spash darts action

Splash Darts and Target Ring

Splash Darts and Target Ring is a great, safe darts game for your pool, an exciting game for all the family.  Challenge your friends. BULLSEYE!!

From £11.95 for Splash Darts

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Max Liquidator blaster

Max Liquidator Blaster Board

Blasts Water up to 30 foot. There are 3 ways to use this board as a Liquidator, Shield or as a Swim Board. Great fun had by all with this colourful board.

Very popular ONE ONLY left in stock

From £18.95 for Max Liquidator Blaster Board

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Airplane Pool Cruiser

Pool Airplane Cruiser Inflatable

A Bold bright design, an Airplane boat Cruiser design inflatable.

From £12.95 for Pool Airplane Cruiser Inflatable

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Sub Skate in Action

SubSkate - Blue

Ride the world's finest and exciting aquatic skateboard

From £21.95 for SubSkate - Blue

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Fluorescent Dive Sticks

Dive sticks and Colouful Discs

 Colourful, educational and fun ideal for having competitions with these Dive Sticks.

 They sink and stand vertically on the pool bottom. Also numbered colourful discs that will skim the water.



From £8.95 for Colourful Dive Discs

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 Cruiser Car Inflatable

Pool Car Cruiser Inflatable

Cheerful, Brightly coloured, Pool Car Cruiser inflatable.

From £12.95 for Pool Car Cruiser Inflatable

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Pool Party Pack

Splash bomb Pool Party Pack 8 Piece

Great fun, Great value, Various Splash Bombs in a reusable Carry Bag. 

Ideal present Age 4+ 

2 only available

From £13.95 for Splash Bomb Pool Party Pack 8 Piece

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Inflatable Goal

Inflatable Goal

Inflatable Goal 55" x 35" x 32" an ideal size for any pool.


From £15.95 for Inflatable Goal

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Aluminium Goal

Aluminium Mini Goal

A light aluminium robust mini goal. Suitable to have fun in your pool or ideal for all the family to learning the skills of water polo.

NB The ball is not supplied with this goal.

2 only left for this season - Sale Price


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Zoggs dive sticks

Zoggy Dive Sticks

A brilliant quality new dive game - Ready steady GO race these colourful dive sticks to the bottom of the pool.  Each pack contains four colourful dive sticks. Suitable for  3+ years

From £14.95 for Zoggy Dive Sticks

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Kokido Rugby Ball

Kokido volleyball, water polo and a Rugby Ball

These boxed colourful neoprene high quality balls are ideal for playing on land or in the water.

Volleyball and water polo or Rugby and American football your choice of shape of ball.


From £12.95 for Kokido Rugby/American Football

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Giant Sports Disc

The Giant Sports Disc

Soft Sports The Giant Sports Disc like a frisbee but with a sponge filled rim Humongous Water Action Spin it Fast.


From £0.95 for The Giant Sport Disc

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Flame dive balls

Flame Diving Balls

Brightly coloured dive balls, throw them in and watch them sink then dive in after them.

From £12.95 for Dive Balls

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Mini Pool party Tote

Splash Bomb Mini Pool Tote

Great Wet or Dry Safe Fun in the pool, beach or bath tub.

In a neat carry bag ideal for a present Ages 4+

From £9.95 for Splash Bomb Mini Pool Tote

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