water treatment for hot tubs - aquafinesse 3 month supply

AquaFinesse Spa and Hot Tub Water Treatment

Aquafinesse - the gentle giant in water treatment.

For perfect spa bathing, apply AquaFinesse just once a week and that's it. No smell, no taste, no testing and supersoft-feeling water! AquaFinesse is a patented, environmentally friendly water care solution that allows users to enjoy their hot tubs without the harsh effects of chemicals.

Everything you need to experience clean, soft, crystal clear water is in one convenient carrying case.

We take the guesswork out of hot tub water care in one easy step per week! You and your family will soak in the most luxurious water without the time and hassle of measuring multiple chemicals. AquaFinesse is so bather friendly that you can dose the spa while you're still in it !

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Full Description

The AquaFinesse hot tub water care box

Contains everything you need for 3-5 months water care in one box. 

In one simple weekly treatment, our environmentally-friendly formula results in a dramatic reduction in the levels of bacteria in your water, which in turn means you need only the minimal amount of sanitiser! 

AquaFinesse softens hot tub water by eliminating calcium and scale build up from the tub's equipment.

When used in combination with a good working ozone generator, no additional sanitizers are needed.

However, it is recommended that spa owners maintain a minimum level of 1.5ppm chlorine in the spa water. To meet these standards, AquaFinesse suggest using the provided sanitizing tablets as directed in the slow-release dispenser.

Also when the water is first put into your Spa, it is sensible to check your Ph levels, which should be kept at between 7.2 and 7.8. The AquaFinesse helps to steady your Ph between water changes.

The water in your spa should be changed every 6 weeks. 

Tips for keeping filters/cartridges clean

It is important to soak your filters weekly in a solution of water containing either cartridge cleaner liquid or Aquafinesse Filter cleaning tablets. This will keep your filters in an optimum hygienic condition avoiding those unpleasant smells.

Each AQUAFINESSE pack contains:

  • 2 x 2 litre Bottles of AquaFinesse liquid
  • 1 Pack of sanitising tablets with mini dispenser
  • 1 Measuring Cup
  • AquaFinesse user manual



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