Lacron dbf

Lacron DBF Commercial Filters

The Lacron DBF (Deep Bed Filter) are ideal for commercial and domestic pools and spas which operate with warmer water and have a higher bathing load.

Full Description



  • Ideal for commercial and domestic pools
  • Main tank made from hard-wearing glass reinforced polyester
  • All internal parts and pipe work are graded to the highest commercial standard, ensuring long life and minimal servicing
  • The deep media bed ensures that finer dirt particles and colloidal substances are retained to a far greater level than with a filter with a shallower bed depth
  • Tested to 4 Bar and are designed to operate at a maximum pressure of 2.5 Bar
  • Side hatch
  • Sight glass
  • Connecting unions.

Note: Side hatch and sight glass are not available on DBF-18.

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