Venturi vac

Deluxe Venturi Vac Kit

 Venturi Vac maintenance kit is suitable for all types of splasher pools and hot tubs with cartridge filtration systems. The deluxe venturi kit includes a vac head a net and thermometer.

These Venturi Vac Kits are now out of stock until 2015.

The Replacement Debris bags are still available.

Full Description

The Venturi Vac head attaches to your garden hose and as you top up your pool, the water pressure creates a vacuum in the head which sucks debris up off the bottom and diverts it into the strong net bag.

Deluxe Venturi Kit contains :

  • Jet Vacuum (with debris bag) which attaches to a garden hose (connector included)
  • Vac Head
  • 135cm aluminium handle
  • Net
  • Thermometer
  • Economic Maintenance Kit
  • Venturi Vac 6 ft Aluminum Pole
  • Connects to Garden Hose for
  • Quick and Easy Clean-ups
  • Venturi Action - Dirt Goes Into
  • Reuseable Nylon Mesh Bag
  • Includes Skimmer with 12 inch Net
  • Extendable Handle and Pool Temperature Thermometer

Swimline Hydrotools Magic Vac Maintenance Kit. This compact kit will suit owners of smaller swimming pools.

  The Swimline Hydrotools Magic Vac can be used for cleaning debris off the bottom of your swimming pool floor and for collecting leaves and other debris using the 12 inch skimmer net.

Fit the debris bag then attach the vac head to the pole then connect to your hose pipe. Turn your garden hose on and debris will be blown through the brushes venturi and collected in the reuseable nylon debris bag, then easily remove the debris bag empty and clean it ready for use next time.

The brush vac can also be attached to the aluminium mantenace pole to clean the sides of the pool.  Then simply fish out all the debris from your pools water using the net very versitile.

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