Portable building dryer

Portable Building Dryer

The master portable building dryer is a highly efficient dehumidifier suitable for a number of applications, including the building, pool industry, water damage and flood drying to name but a few.

Full Description

During building construction, portable dryers can be used to accelerate the rate of drying wet processes such as concrete floors and plaster, not only allowing construction work to proceed more rapidly, but in a way that ensures the drying will not encourage cracking and distrortion.


- Case made from shock and impact resistant plastic

- Can be cleaned by jet washing

- On board humidstat

- External humidstat socket

- Hour Counter

- Large water tank with automatic shutoff when full

- Hose connection

- Tank full indicator

- Air filter

- Hot gas defrost

- Restarts automatically after a power failure

- Large wheels and handles

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