Abriblue imm ax solar energy cover

The Abriblue IMM'AX Solar Energy Cover

Practical and aesthetic, The Abriblue IMM'AX SOLAR ENERGY COVER ensures high efficency.


Full Description

The IMM'AX SOLAR ENERGY COVER uses the IMM'AX structure. The motor  is powered by two batteries that are electronically regulated and powered by a high-efficiency photovoltaic panel comprising polycrystalline cells, ensuring high efficency. Pointed in the right direction the panels collect the energy needed to recharge the batteries in just a few hours.

As with the entire Abriblue range, the IMM'AX has a reduced battery charge safety system: a beep signal informs the user of low battery charge, while guaranteeing a complete final opening / closing cycle                

Abriblue IMM'AX SOLAR ENERGY COVER: Aesthetics and manufacturing quality

Practical and aesthetic, The Abriblue IMM'AX SOLAR ENERGY COVER ensures high efficency. The drive of the cover is entrusted to a motor located on the axis for easy installation avoiding any masonry work powered by two batteries regulated electronically and powered by a photovoltaic panel consisting of polycrystalline cells with high efficiency. Placed outside, the photovoltaic panel allows to totally recharge the batteries in a few hours. The 24V motor allows the winding or unwinding of the cover effortlessly and in a short time. In addition, The Abriblue IMM'AX SOLAR ENERGY COVER can easily be integrated into most existing or future pools. The PVC blades contribute to the mechanical performance of the safety cover and to the thermal insulation of the pool. The Abriblue IMM'AX SOLAR ENERGY COVER limits evaporation and ensures a better thermal balance for a longer use of the pool at lower cost. It also contributes to the cleanliness of your water while enabling you to realize substantial savings in heating and cleaning products.

The blades made of calcium / zinc are treated with anti-UV and anti-stains and in addition to the traditional colors in PVC finish (white, sand, blue, translucent blue, gray, pebble gray), the blades are now available in blue marbled version Or in a transparent, translucent or bilayer polycarbonate finish. The Indispensable walkway grating masks the mechanics of the Abriblue IMM'AX SOLAR ENERGY COVER.

The gratings are available in white, sand or gray PVC, natural exotic wood or aluminum lacquered white or beige or grey. Compliant with the NFP90-308 standard and approved by the National Testing Laboratory, the Abriblue IMM'AX SOLAR ENERGY COVER offers uncompromising safety. A simple turn of a key and in less than two minutes and without any effort the cover is wound or unrolled. Once unrolled, safety is assured. The blades can support a weight up to 100kg.



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